The Future Mrs. Gerard Way (lostinthedrk) wrote,
The Future Mrs. Gerard Way

Friends Only, yo!

Image hosted by

I know I put it here already but I figured out a way to actually make

it friends only. So, don't hafta actually comment if you're

already a friend. Aight, peace out, yo!
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i commented!
I see that dear. And you're on my list. Dunno what's wrong.
hi bored stayign up all nite mofo lol ok my chemical romance is freakin AWSOME!!!!! ok byesbyes
Haha um ok? So does that mean you want to be added? And yes they are! I love um! Oh yeah...who are you?


August 10 2005, 04:20:03 UTC 14 years ago

hey- the icon you're using is one i made, it'd be great if you could credit me for it.

wow it would have helped to sign in. DX
Oh haha yeah...ok, I'll credit.
Oh sorry. Sure, I'll credit. Um, what's your username?